TxaTei Style

Our chef, Hisato Mori


Through many years of experience as a cook in Osaka, Japan, and in Madrid, Spain, he has established TxaTei in 2011. He dedicates in selection all materials and in preparation of all the dished offered at TxaTei.



The chef directly selects blue fin tuna, eel, red prawn, squid and more products in the Mercamadrid. Besides the Japanese materials selected carefully to certificate the best quality of authentic Japanese food, we also incorporate Spanish products like Carabinero, Iberian pork, best quality olive oil so that we can offer specialized Japanese dishes in Spain. .

Basic Soup – Dashi –


Dashi (soup) is one of the most important base of the Japanese cuisine. Our soup is made using the most suitable mineral water and 100% natural ingredients without any additives . We distinguish the 1st more tasty soup (for example, Dobin soup) and 2nd softer soup (for example, Miso soup) depending on the dishes.

Soy Sauce / Ponze


Our soy sauce is blended by our chef specially for sushi and sashimi.